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The Harwood Museum of Art

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June 25, 2017

SELFIES - Send the Harwood Museum Your Selfies by September 17, 2017.

Your selfie belongs in a museum. The selfie is the cutting edge evolution of the self-portrait. That makes it a natural fit for our summer exhibition, The Errant Eye: Portraits in a Landscape, scheduled for June through September 2017. In this exhibition we will show a wide range of portraits from the Harwood collection and explore the portrait’s place in Taos arts, its role as an art form, and its power to capture the human condition.


You can take the photo with a cell phone, computer, camera, tablet, etc. Send up to 5, jpg. images to HarwoodSelfies@gmail.com or #HarwoodSelfies.

Entries must include the following information:

a. Who took the image?
b. Who is in the image?
c. What device did you use to capture the image?
d. When was the image taken (approximately)?
e. Where was the image taken?
f. How did you learn about the project?

This call is open to all residents, visitors, and lovers of Northern New Mexico who are 18 years or older. By submitting your image(s) to the Harwood, you agree to the following:

1. You give permission to the Harwood Museum of Art to reproduce and exhibit your image for upcoming exhibitions.
2. You understand there is no award, fee or compensation for any of the submitted works.
3. Full copyright of the Artist will be retained by the Artist unless otherwise stated.
4. The Harwood reserves the right to select, add, and remove images. In the event that cropping is needed, The Harwood will seek permission from the Artist.
5. You affirm that you are at least 18.

Questions? Email us at info@harwoodmuseum.org or call 575-758-9826 ext. 109.

Deadline: Septembr 17, 2017