October 18, 2017 Taos, New Mexico

The Harwood Museum of Art

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Work at the Harwood Museum of Art

Would you like to be part of a dynamnic team, and to know that you're helping to bring "Taos arts to the world, and world's  art to Taos?"  Work at the Harwood Museum of Art!  Open positions are posted here on the University of New Mexico's web site - search by "Harwood Foundation"  in the "Department" category.


Administrative Event Support

ADMIN SUPPORT person for two Harwood Museum of Art, Taos fundraising events. Required: experience in event planning, coordination, administrative support, proficient in Word and EXCEL; On call, $15/hr up to 300 hrs. (avg. one day a week), from Oct 2017 through July 2018.


 Meets with the Event Consultant, with the Harwood Alliance (events steering committee) and relevant Museum staff to identify and confirm all task owners, and deadlines according to Master timeline

Produce all event documents including auction forms, tracking sheets, receipts, etc.

Maintain all event documents and files in an event directory including mailings lists,

-Spreadsheets on invitations, sponsors, donors, guests, buyers, etc.;

- Convey final document versions for storage on Harwood servers

- Catalog all artwork with information about each item for the program, website, signage, etc.

Track all donations pertaining to each event of wine, artwork (generated by Collections)

- Chef’s items, auction and raffle items, decorations, etc.

Coordinate all donations documentation with the HMA gift transmittal processes that occur post-event

Work with the HMA Staff and Alliance to create, coordinate and/or update the mailing list

- Input all information needed for printed pieces, get information to staff for design & printing

- Receive printed pieces from printer, process for mailing, mail

- Prepare and mail all event correspondence inclu solicitations, Thank you letters/notes, info, etc.

Work with HMA Alliance and/or Staff to determine and assist with registration process

- Handle ticket inquiries

- Maintain, monitor and record master registration list of guests, donors, attendees,artists, etc;

- Coordinate for reconciliation with Fiscal services

- Coordinate payment processes with HMA staff including complete record and reconciliation of any payments made before day of event (tickets, art sales, etc.)

- Track /post event reconciliation (bookkeeper): e.g. Pay station; cash, Square, Quickbooks

- Create and convey all gift transmittals to UNMF

- Assist with event prep & set up the week before the event, day-of-event, and day-after

- Regularly update to Event Consultant on tasks assigned to the Admin Support

Regularly reports progress to the HMA Executive Director

Regularly apprises the Event Consultant of details & action items that impact production of the event

Position listed until filled.
TO APPLY: Email resume and statement of interest to:
subject line: events adm. support



The Harwood offers unpaid internships for college and high-school students in its curatorial, development, and education departments.  A description of each internship is available here while an internship application may be found here. Interns can recieve academic credit through University of New Mexico-Taos Branch.  

We regret that the museum is unable to provide assistance with transportation or housing arrangements; however, if you're the right candidate we'll make sure that you have a fantastic internship experience!  For more information contact the museum at info@harwoodmuseum.org.