September 15, 2019 Taos, New Mexico

The Harwood Museum of Art

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Solstice Music and Poetry Event
Friday, June 21, 2019 - 7:00 pm

Solstice Music and Poetry Event

Arthur Bell Auditorium

Most cultures have a way of honoring the Summer Solstice. This day, the longest day of the year, is also a time to pause and cultivate awareness of the bountiful blessings that befall us from the blending of the sun’s fiery heat, seeds waiting beneath the earth and water.
Please join us for a musical and poetic ushering in of the dawning of the summer at The Harwood Museum of Art. The performers will be the musician Tony Khalife from Ojai, California, poets James Navé from Asheville, NC/Taos and Olivia Romo from Taos/ Santa Fe.
From sunny Ojai, California, renowned musician Tony Khalife weaves a seamless vibration in which the drone and ragas of Indian music and the resonance of devotional Sufi dances meet Western harmonies to flow into the different pulses, melodies and expressions of all forms of music Tony has mastered. You can learn more about Tony and hear some of his music at
James Navé resident of both Taos and Asheville, NC, is the director of The Taos Storytelling Festival, The LEAF Poetry Slam, a founding member of TEDxNewYork Salon and hosts Twice-5-Miles Radio broadcasting weekly in Asheville. For the last 30+ years Navé has taught writing, performance, and creativity in a variety of settings and has memorized over six hundred poems. Known as “a whirlwind of energy”, Navé sweeps audiences off their feet with his words and passion.

Olivia Romo is a farmer, poet, water rights activist, proud Taosueña residing in Santa Fe and a recognized spoken word artist. Romo was the New Mexico State Slam Poetry Champion in 2011. As a bilingual poet, Romo's language is immersed in the regional Manito dialect and culture of Northern New Mexico. Romo intentionally focuses her activism and poetry to educate and mobilize New Mexicans around the risks and uncertainties of our natural resources.